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Ningbo Shunlong Rubber Hose Co., Ltd.

Ningbo Shunlong Rubber Hose Co., Ltd. is professional China Hydraulic Oil Hose Manufacturers and Wholesale High Pressure Oil Hose Suppliers . Since its establishment in Yuyao City, Ningbo in 2005, the company has been committed to the production and development of various high-pressure steel wire braided rubber hoses, high-pressure coiled rubber hoses, high-pressure oil hoses, high-pressure water hoses and various oil and water hose assemblies. The company is located on the side of Provincial Highway 61, 7 kilometers away from the Cicheng entrance of Hangzhou-Ningbo Expressway, and 50 kilometers away from Beilun Port. The general factory covers an area of 32,000 square meters, with a construction area of 20,000 square meters, fixed assets of 60 million yuan, and working capital of 35 million yuan. There are 180 employees, and the daily production capacity of rubber hose is 50,000 meters. It is one of production enterprises in the industry.

The company's products are widely used in mining, petroleum, hydraulic systems, engineering machinery rings, cleaning equipment and other fields. The products are exported to the United States, Britain, Germany, Italy, Finland, Russia, Brazil, Argentina, Iran, Malaysia, Dubai and other countries and regions. region, and has long been responsible for the OEM production of major domestic and foreign cleaning equipment companies and construction machinery companies.

Ningbo Shunlong Rubber Hose Co., Ltd.
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Industry Knowledge Extension

Basic Concepts of Hydraulic Oil Hose

Hydraulic Oil Hose are key components in hydraulic systems and play a crucial role in various industrial applications.
Structure and Construction:
The structure of hydraulic oil hose is one of the determining factors for their performance and durability. The inner layer is usually made of synthetic rubber or thermoplastic elastomers, which have excellent chemical resistance and sealing properties, can resist the erosion of hydraulic fluids and ensure sealing performance. The reinforcement layer is usually composed of high-strength steel wire woven fabric, used to withstand high pressure within the system. This design allows hydraulic oil hoses to maintain their shape under high pressure conditions, preventing twisting or bursting. The outer layer provides additional protection against chemical substances, ultraviolet radiation, and mechanical damage in the environment. The wear resistance and weather resistance of the outer layer help to extend the lifespan of hydraulic oil hoses.
Working principle:
The working principle of Hydraulic Oil Hose is based on the Pascal principle, which refers to the incompressibility of liquid transmission. When the pump in the hydraulic system provides pressure, the liquid is transmitted in the hydraulic pipeline and the pressure is transmitted to the actuator, thereby driving mechanical movement. This transmission is precise, allowing the operator to fine tune and control the system as needed.
Pressure performance:
The compressive performance of hydraulic oil hoses is crucial. They must be able to withstand the pressure in high-pressure hydraulic systems, typically within the range of hundreds to thousands of PSI (pounds per square inch). The reinforcement layer of the pipeline is a key factor, which can resist internal pressure and ensure that there is no leakage or rupture. In certain applications, such as hydraulic jacks, hydraulic pipelines must be able to withstand extremely high pressures.
Wear resistance:
Hydraulic systems often operate under harsh conditions, including the presence of particles, sand, and chemicals. Therefore, hydraulic oil hoses must have excellent wear resistance to prevent wear and damage. This can be achieved by selecting appropriate outer layer materials and designing reinforcement layers to ensure that hydraulic oil hoses can be used consistently in harsh environments.
Temperature range:
The hydraulic system may need to operate under various temperature conditions, from extremely cold winter to extremely hot summer. Therefore, the material of hydraulic oil hoses must have a wide temperature range to ensure normal operation in various environments. In certain applications, such as metallurgy and mining, high-temperature resistant hydraulic oil hoses may be required, while in cold climates, low-temperature hydraulic oil hoses should be considered.
Due to the high-pressure nature of hydraulic systems, the safety of hydraulic oil hoses is crucial. Any leakage or bursting can lead to dangerous hydraulic fluid leakage, causing personal injury and equipment damage. Therefore, hydraulic oil hoses must undergo quality control and testing to ensure their safety. In addition, regular inspection and maintenance are also key to ensuring the safe operation of the hydraulic system.

Application Fields of Hydraulic Oil Hoses

Hydraulic oil hose is a key hydraulic system component widely used in various industrial fields.
Architecture and Civil Engineering:
Hydraulic oil hoses play an important role in construction and civil engineering. They are used in construction equipment such as excavators, bulldozers, concrete pumps, and crawler excavators to control the hydraulic pressure of arms, buckets, and other moving components. These devices require high-pressure hydraulic oil hoses to provide strong power and precise control to complete tasks such as earthwork, concrete transportation, and excavation.
Agricultural machinery:
In the agricultural field, hydraulic oil hoses are used in tractors, combine harvesters, irrigation equipment, and other agricultural machinery. They are used to control various movements of agricultural equipment, such as excavation, plowing, planting, and harvesting. The use of hydraulic systems has improved the efficiency and productivity of agricultural machinery, thereby playing a positive role in grain yield and agricultural development.
Engineering equipment:
The field of engineering equipment includes concrete pumps, concrete mixers, jacks, cranes, etc. These devices typically need to operate under extreme conditions, such as high temperatures, high pressures, and harsh environments. Hydraulic oil hoses are used in these devices to control hydraulic arms, jacks, mixers, and other moving components to ensure the safe and efficient completion of engineering tasks.
Hydraulic systems are also widely used in the fields of aviation and aerospace. High Pressure Oil Hose are used for the landing gear, steering gear, hydraulic system, and dampers of aircraft and spacecraft. These systems require highly reliable and high-temperature resistant hydraulic oil hoses to ensure safe flight and operation of aircraft under extreme conditions.
Automotive Industry:
The braking system, steering system, and suspension system of automobiles all rely on hydraulic systems and hydraulic oil hoses. These systems are used to control the brakes, steering wheel, and suspension to ensure the safety and performance of the vehicle. Hydraulic systems have a wide range of applications in the automotive industry, from small cars to heavy-duty trucks and public transportation vehicles.
In the manufacturing industry, hydraulic oil hoses are used for various equipment, such as presses, punches, injection molding machines, and metal processing equipment. These devices rely on hydraulic systems to provide high-precision pressure and control for various metal processing and manufacturing operations. Hydraulic oil hoses play an important role in improving production efficiency and product quality.
Mining and construction material processing:
The mining and construction material processing fields require large equipment, such as loaders, mining trucks, and crushers, to handle large amounts of materials. The operation of these devices requires high-pressure and high-flow hydraulic systems to control arms, buckets, and other critical components. Hydraulic oil hoses ensure efficient equipment operation and material handling in these applications.