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Ningbo Shunlong Rubber Hose Co., Ltd.

Ningbo Shunlong Rubber Hose Co., Ltd. is professional China 3000 Psi Pressure Washer Hose Manufacturers and OEM PVC Washer Hose Factory . Since its establishment in Yuyao City, Ningbo in 2005, the company has been committed to the production and development of various high-pressure steel wire braided rubber hoses, high-pressure coiled rubber hoses, high-pressure oil hoses, high-pressure water hoses and various oil and water hose assemblies. The company is located on the side of Provincial Highway 61, 7 kilometers away from the Cicheng entrance of Hangzhou-Ningbo Expressway, and 50 kilometers away from Beilun Port. The general factory covers an area of 32,000 square meters, with a construction area of 20,000 square meters, fixed assets of 60 million yuan, and working capital of 35 million yuan. There are 180 employees, and the daily production capacity of rubber hose is 50,000 meters. It is one of production enterprises in the industry.

The company's products are widely used in mining, petroleum, hydraulic systems, engineering machinery rings, cleaning equipment and other fields. The products are exported to the United States, Britain, Germany, Italy, Finland, Russia, Brazil, Argentina, Iran, Malaysia, Dubai and other countries and regions. region, and has long been responsible for the OEM production of major domestic and foreign cleaning equipment companies and construction machinery companies.

Ningbo Shunlong Rubber Hose Co., Ltd.
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Industry Knowledge Extension

The specifics of 3000 PSI Pressure PVC Washer Hose

High Pressure Capabilities
One of the primary features that make the 3000 PSI Pressure PVC Washer Hose stand out for professional users is its exceptional pressure-handling capabilities. With a maximum pressure rating of 3000 PSI, this hose is well-equipped to tackle a wide range of demanding cleaning tasks. Professionals in various industries, including construction, agriculture, and manufacturing, often require high-pressure cleaning to efficiently remove stubborn dirt, grease, and contaminants from surfaces. This hose's ability to deliver powerful and consistent water pressure is a key asset in meeting these requirements.
Durability and Longevity
For professional users, durability is of paramount importance. The 3000 PSI Pressure PVC Washer Hose is constructed from robust PVC material, known for its durability and resistance to abrasion and chemicals. This attribute ensures that the hose can withstand the rigors of daily use in harsh industrial environments. Whether it's cleaning heavy machinery at a construction site, removing caked-on grime from farm equipment, or maintaining industrial facilities, this hose is up to the task, offering a long service life that minimizes the need for frequent replacements.
Resistance to Kinking and Tangling
Efficiency is a critical factor in professional settings, and the 3000 PSI Pressure PVC Washer Hose doesn't disappoint. Its engineered resistance to kinking and tangling enhances workflow by preventing interruptions and slowdowns. Kinks and tangles can disrupt the flow of water, causing uneven cleaning and potentially damaging the hose over time. Professional users can rely on this hose to maintain consistent water flow, ensuring thorough and efficient cleaning across large areas or complex industrial equipment.
Versatile Applications
Professionals often have diverse cleaning requirements, and versatility is a prized characteristic of any tool. The 3000 PSI Pressure PVC Washer Hose is versatile, making it suitable for a wide array of applications:
Construction and Renovation - In the construction industry, this hose proves invaluable for removing concrete residue, paint, and debris from various surfaces, including walls, floors, and equipment. It helps prepare surfaces for painting or finishing, contributing to the quality and aesthetics of construction projects.
Agriculture and Farming - Farmers and agricultural workers can rely on this hose to maintain and clean farm equipment, barns, and animal enclosures. It aids in removing dirt, mud, and contaminants that can accumulate in agricultural settings.
Manufacturing and Industrial Facilities - Industrial settings often require regular cleaning to maintain safety and compliance. This hose is a crucial asset for cleaning machinery, production floors, and facilities in manufacturing plants, factories, and warehouses.
Fleet Maintenance - Professionals involved in vehicle maintenance, such as fleet managers, auto repair shops, and transportation companies, depend on the 3000 PSI Pressure PVC Washer Hose to efficiently clean and maintain their vehicles, ensuring they remain in optimal condition.
Temperature Resistance
Professional users often encounter a variety of weather conditions. The ability of the 3000 PSI Pressure PVC Washer Hose to handle both hot and cold water is a practical advantage. Whether working in freezing temperatures or scorching heat, this hose remains reliable, ensuring consistent performance across seasons and weather variations.

The Applications of 3000 PSI Pressure PVC Washer Hose

Construction and Renovation:
In the construction and renovation industry, the 3000 PSI Pressure PVC Washer Hose serves several crucial purposes:
Concrete Surface Preparation: Construction sites often have concrete surfaces that need thorough cleaning and preparation before painting or finishing. This hose is essential for removing dirt, grime, and contaminants, ensuring a clean and smooth surface.
Heavy Machinery Cleaning: Construction equipment, such as excavators, bulldozers, and loaders, can accumulate layers of mud and construction debris. The high-pressure water stream from this hose is effective at cleaning and maintaining these valuable assets.
Site Cleanup: After construction projects, the site needs to be cleaned to meet safety and environmental standards. The hose can quickly and efficiently clean construction debris and residue, enhancing the site's appearance and safety.
Agriculture and Farming:
In the agricultural sector, the 3000 PSI Pressure PVC Washer Hose is a versatile tool with several uses:
Farm Equipment Maintenance: Farms often have tractors, plows, and other machinery that require regular cleaning and maintenance. The hose effectively removes mud, animal waste, and residue, helping to extend the life of this equipment.
Barn and Stable Cleaning: Keeping barns, stables, and animal enclosures clean is essential for the health of the animals. The high-pressure hose makes it easy to remove dirt and contaminants, contributing to the well-being of livestock.
Manufacturing and Industrial Facilities:
Manufacturing and industrial facilities require rigorous cleaning to maintain safety and compliance standards:
Machinery Cleaning: Industrial machinery can accumulate grease, oil, and dirt. This hose efficiently removes these contaminants, ensuring that the machinery operates at peak performance and adheres to safety regulations.
Production Floors: Maintaining clean production floors is essential for workplace safety. The hose can swiftly and effectively clean spills, debris, and contaminants, reducing the risk of accidents.
Facility Maintenance: Overall facility cleanliness is vital to create a safe and productive work environment. The hose is instrumental in cleaning walls, floors, and exterior areas, contributing to the professional appearance of the facility.
Fleet Maintenance:
Professionals involved in vehicle maintenance benefit greatly from the 3000 PSI Pressure PVC Washer Hose:
Vehicle Cleaning: Auto repair shops, transportation companies, and fleet managers use this hose to clean and maintain their vehicles. Whether it's trucks, vans, or other types of vehicles, the hose effectively removes dirt, grease, and road contaminants.
Preparation for Repairs: Before conducting vehicle repairs, it's essential to have a clean working area. This hose ensures that vehicles are thoroughly cleaned, providing a clean and safe environment for maintenance tasks.
Surface Preparation and Maintenance:
Professionals involved in various industries may require the 3000 PSI Pressure PVC Washer Hose for surface preparation and maintenance tasks:
Paint Stripping: The high-pressure water stream can be used to strip paint and coatings from various surfaces, including metal, wood, and concrete. This is particularly useful in automotive body shops, construction, and renovation projects.
Rust and Corrosion Removal: In industries where corrosion is a concern, such as marine and construction, this hose aids in removing rust and preventing further corrosion on metal surfaces.
Cleaning Industrial Storage Tanks: Industries with storage tanks for liquids or chemicals often require routine cleaning. This hose effectively cleans the interior and exterior of storage tanks, ensuring that they remain in optimal condition.