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High Pressure Washer Hose
High Pressure Washer Hose is a key equipment widely used in industry, construction and cleaning industries. It uses high-pressure water flow to clean, rinse, decontaminate and remove surface attachments. The High Pressure Washer Hose is a p...
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Hydraulic Oil Hose
Hydraulic Oil Hose is an important part of the pipe or piping system used to transmit hydraulic fluid. Hydraulic Oil Hose is usually made of high-strength metal materials such as steel or stainless steel to withstand high pressure and high...
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PU Air Hose
The PU air hose is made of high-quality nylon PA12 material, which has good flexibility, abrasion resistance and chemical corrosion resistance, and is especially suitable for transmitting compressed air. The hose has a smooth inner wall to ...
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Assembly Tube
The high-pressure hose assembly is generally composed of a liquid-resistant synthetic rubber inner rubber layer, a middle rubber layer, I to VI steel wire braided reinforcement layers, and a synthetic rubber outer rubber layer with excellen...
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