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Ningbo Shunlong Rubber Hose Co., Ltd.

Ningbo Shunlong Rubber Hose Co., Ltd. is professional China High Pressure Flexible Water Hose Manufacturers and OEM High Pressure Cleaner Hose Suppliers . Since its establishment in Yuyao City, Ningbo in 2005, the company has been committed to the production and development of various high-pressure steel wire braided rubber hoses, high-pressure coiled rubber hoses, high-pressure oil hoses, high-pressure water hoses and various oil and water hose assemblies. The company is located on the side of Provincial Highway 61, 7 kilometers away from the Cicheng entrance of Hangzhou-Ningbo Expressway, and 50 kilometers away from Beilun Port. The general factory covers an area of 32,000 square meters, with a construction area of 20,000 square meters, fixed assets of 60 million yuan, and working capital of 35 million yuan. There are 180 employees, and the daily production capacity of rubber hose is 50,000 meters. It is one of production enterprises in the industry.

The company's products are widely used in mining, petroleum, hydraulic systems, engineering machinery rings, cleaning equipment and other fields. The products are exported to the United States, Britain, Germany, Italy, Finland, Russia, Brazil, Argentina, Iran, Malaysia, Dubai and other countries and regions. region, and has long been responsible for the OEM production of major domestic and foreign cleaning equipment companies and construction machinery companies.

Ningbo Shunlong Rubber Hose Co., Ltd.
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Industry Knowledge Extension

Product performance of high pressure washer hose

Pressure Endurance: The pressure resistance of high pressure washer hose is a key factor in evaluating its performance. These hoses are usually designed to withstand high-pressure water flow, such as pressures between 2000 psi and 6000 psi. A hose with strong pressure resistance can maintain its shape and integrity, and will not twist or break under high pressure, ensuring the stability of the cleaning effect.
Bending radius: The bending radius refers to the minimum radius that a hose can bend. Hoses with smaller bending radii are more flexible and can adapt to narrow spaces, providing greater operational freedom. This feature is crucial for cleaning tasks that require operations in narrow areas.
Internal Construction: The internal structure of high pressure washer hose usually includes an inner layer, a reinforcing layer, and an outer layer. The inner layer is usually made of high wear resistant synthetic rubber to maintain the purity of water flow and chemical resistance. The reinforcement layer usually adopts multi-layer high-strength fiber weaving or steel wire mesh to increase pressure resistance. The outer layer is usually made of wear-resistant and corrosion-resistant materials to provide additional protection.
Temperature Range: High pressure washer hoses typically operate over a wide range of temperatures, from extremely cold winters to hot summers. The material selection and design of the hose need to ensure that it can operate normally under different climatic conditions without cracking or hardening.
Chemical Resistance: High pressure washer hoses are typically used for contact with various cleaning agents, chemicals, and solvents. Therefore, hoses must have excellent chemical resistance and be able to resist corrosion and erosion. This ensures that the hose will not be damaged by chemicals during long-term use.
Abrasion Resistance: The abrasion resistance of a hose refers to its ability to resist wear and scratching. High pressure washer hoses typically come into contact with various surfaces during use, such as floors, walls, and other objects. Hoses with strong wear resistance are less prone to wear and prolong their service life.
Connection Type: The connection methods of hoses are usually divided into threaded connections, quick couplings, and plug connections. Different connection methods are suitable for different car wash machine models and applications, so choosing the appropriate connection method is crucial.
Safety Features: High pressure washer hoses are usually designed with safety features to reduce risks during operation. This includes explosion-proof design to avoid sudden release of high-pressure water flow, as well as anti slip and anti leakage functions to reduce unexpected events.

Characteristics of High Pressure Washer House

Durability: High pressure car wash hoses are typically carefully designed and manufactured to ensure their long-term durability. They use high-quality materials such as reinforced synthetic rubber and wear-resistant outer layers to resist physical wear and chemical erosion in daily use. This durability reduces the frequency of maintenance and replacement, thereby reducing overall costs.
Flexibility: High pressure car wash hoses typically have excellent flexibility, which means they can easily adapt to different working conditions. Whether operating in narrow spaces or requiring cleaning from various angles, the hose can maintain its flexibility, ensuring the comprehensiveness of the cleaning work.
High Pressure Rating: This is one of the key characteristics of hoses. The high-pressure car wash hose is designed to withstand high-pressure water flow, typically within the range of 2000 psi to 6000 psi. This enables them to provide excellent performance in car washing and cleaning tasks, quickly removing stubborn dirt and pollutants.
Leak Resistance: Hoses typically use special sealing designs and materials to ensure that they do not leak under high pressure. This is a key safety feature, as leakage may not only damage the cleaning effect, but also endanger the safety of operators.
Temperature Adaptability: The high-pressure washer hose must be able to adapt to different temperature conditions, from extremely cold winter to hot summer. Its materials and design ensure flexibility over a wide temperature range, without degradation or hardening due to temperature changes.
Safety Features: The design of high-pressure car wash hoses typically includes safety features such as explosion-proof design to avoid sudden release of high-pressure water flow, as well as anti slip surfaces to reduce the risk of slipping during operation. These features help ensure the safety of operators.
Versatility: High pressure car wash hoses typically have a wide range of versatility and can be used in conjunction with various car wash models and cleaning equipment. This means that users do not have to purchase multiple hoses of different specifications for different devices, thereby improving economy and convenience of operation.
Burst Resistance: The explosion-proof design of high-pressure car wash hose is an important feature to ensure operator safety. They have been tested and certified to resist sudden release of high-pressure water flow in extreme situations and prevent potential hazards.